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VSR 190 - Feeling Superior and Toilet Paper Guilt



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Despite a sad and taxing week, Vertically Striped Radio came out strong this week with people feeling guilty about stolen toilet paper, a man suing a Chinese woman because she used to be ugly, and a sudden outbreak of Lotto fever across America has Craig feeling uppity.

Face and Craig discuss the horrific Javon Belcher Murder-Suicide in Kansas City that morning, John Kline joins the show for obligatory Walking Dead discussion, and The Whale joins in as we discuss the Magnificent Seven things people do that make us feel superior. (Even though we're not.)

This week's fun show then wraps up with a recommendation from Dear and the Headlights of "I'm not Crying, You're Not Crying, Are You?"

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Feeling Superior
Javon Belcher
Walking Dead
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