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The pioneering hockey web site has its own fake radio show. Tell your friends.

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Puck, TV, movies, and... conspiracies.
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Another random session of chatting with Craig Dodge and John Kline as they flit from topic to topic like conversational humming birds. We hit up TV with House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Mad Men and of course, our favorite whipping... more

Puck, TV, movies, and... conspiracies.

Natural Disasters, Foul Balls season preview, a review of the movie "Divergent", and the Top 7 Disney Sidekicks. Tune in!

To celebrate WrestleMania 30, we had a wrestling roundtable discussion with our pals Kris Bazen and Adam Rank.

Craig dials up his brother Bruce and the two of them reminisce about the experience that was attending Super Bowl XLVIII as Broncos fans. In case you've forgotten, the Broncos came up just short in that one, falling to the Seahawks... more

Big Steve sucks, so Aaron will probably be going solo tonight. He'll discuss March Madness, American Horror Story, waterfall hunting, volleyball, and douche bags. He'll also do a movie review, discuss his attempt at the "Winter Challenge", and... more

Puck TPuck, TV, movies, and... conspiracies.

A dash of Kline and a pinch of Face and you have the recipe for a fun episode 219. The Broncos are making it rain in free agency, the Avalanche are a feisty darkhorse in the West, True Detective ended not as sharply as we hoped, and... more

TRUE DETECTIVE TRIBUTE: We recap the Season 1 finale, air grievances, and offer up three separate Top 11s in tribute to our boys Marty and Rust. We got your Yellow King right here.