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Today marks the 34th anniversary of the Mt. St. Helens eruption. That doesn't really have any relevence to the show, I just thought I would mention it. We'll have a waterfall story with a happy ending (not that kind of happy ending Larry, you pervert), TV talk, Hope Chests, and who knows what else.
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It's the sit back, relax in yo' bed show...
  • by LCS
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  • 00:59

Lots of stuff to discuss including Dick Sherman's softball game and Big Steve reporting live from the road

Larry reviews the new Weird Al album, and then we had dueling Top 11 lists. I did the Top 11 Things I Want in a Woman. And Larry did the Top 11 Things He Wants in a Site. We're hoping to win a Peabody Award.
  • by LCS
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  • 02:43

Lebron is going home, the World Cup is coming to an end, Craig keeps stumbling into odd parades, and Kline's love life suffers for his beliefs. We talk about it all, because someone should.
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  • 01:14

Puck, TV, movies, and... conspiracies.
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  • 02:15

The Ed has a show.

We'll talk about the Fourth of July and how we celebrated. We'll also have some exciting waterfall adventures to discuss, a Soda Review, and another round of Fun With Words if that's hunky dory with you. We'll finish by serenading... more

Our pal G.I. Jolie from the returned to talk Big Brother.

The Ed has a show?!