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The only good paranormal show would be "Sightings".Hands down! Too bad it doesn't exist anymore.I don't like "Ghost Hunters" anymore, they can besloppy in their techniques and sometimes the evidencethey claim that is paranormal, should be like acceptedby the science community by now. Examples for me wouldbe with the thermo-imaging camera! The images theyhave gotten on there have surprised me. But, when youreally think about it, its just all script. Even thestories, oh my god! For me as a fellowhunter/investigator, I feel that they should be betterthan that or least sci-fi should really go scientificand not just bring in some guys that are plumbers togo "ghost hunting". Now of course, I wouldn't mindhaving a show  to do the same. I will give them creditfor lasting and introducing the subject to the masseson a "ghost hunting" level.  I sill watch it causethere are still good episodes at times! We can't gettoo highly of ourselves!Paranormal State is o.k.! I like the psychologicalaspect they bring and the metaphysical as well. But,sometimes it gets to psychological and doesn't bringanything paranormal to the plate. They do have auniversity to back them but at the same time, we arestill stuck on the whole "ghost hunting" level, notscientific! A lot of shows or groups claim to be trulyscientific but that is never the case. If anythingthey add scientific aspects to an investigation andnot truly be scientific. This point is something Imade in my last post about the "new ideas"!  I myselfwould like a show to actually do both styles ofresearch and present them as such. Not what iscomfortable to the masses. But, I do still watch theirshow and they come hit and misses for me. I ratherwatch this over Ghost Hunters!The other show do the same pretty much so my opinionwould be the same. I would have to agree with Matt onthe Most Haunted and other show related to thosechannels. And all this night shot mess, it can be aheadache. I personally, don't see a valid reason toshut the lights off during an investigation. I don'tthink ghosts" like lights off better than lights on orbetween day and night. Only thing would be justelectrical interference and of course filming(lightingand photography, but you can get more reflective focalpoints in the dark better than light, thats why orbsor other anomalies show up better, in my opinion!) ormood purposes!I kind of like Scariest Places on Earth, they at leastshow some activity depending on the way the episode isbeing directed, thats another point for all of theseshows. God the cheese and writing of these shows andthey are trying to catch people interests. I rather attimes watch "The Universe" on the history channel whenit comes to the "paranormal".Also, remember Fear on MTV, that could have been good,if once again , the whole mood set wasn't involved.Telling them its haunted or the dares. Thats allsubjective! Why do they let this happen! SIghtings my friends, an investigative news style,thats the best!Justin VillarrealFounder of L.C.G.H.lakecountyghosthunters@yahoo.com

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