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Another GREAT SHOW via Law of Attraction Radio Network - Law of Attraction Talk Radio is where Science merges with spirituality and metaphysics as we explore the Universal Law of Attraction. Join as we talk to the experts on how to create the life we have always wanted through Conscious Creation, Deliberate Creation, Self-Improvement and Self-powerment. We can experience miracles through listening to positive and inspirational radio that keeps you plugged into the Law of Attraction. Previous guests have been Dr. Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Lynne McTaggart, Byron Katie, Joe Vitale, Jo Dunning, David Wilcock, Jill Bolte Taylor, Gary Zukav, John Assaraf and Robert Holden. We have many Hay House Authors and Radio show hosts as well as guests that appears on Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, Larry King Live and the Today Show. Another great show brought to you by the Law of Attraction Radio Network.

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Dr. J visits with Jewels and shares insights into the I-Ego, Jealously & the reason why we chose to be Human.
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Marti MacGibbon, Author of Never Give in to Fear: Laughing All the Way Up from Rock Bottom. This book is a award winning and Amazon's #1 Best-selling Memoir. Using the Law of Attraction, positive visualization and hard work literally... more

Join Jewels as she talks with Renown Cellular Biologist and Best Selling author Bruce Lipton about the importance of creating a new future. It's an inside job!

Join Jewels as she talks with Thomas J. Carey, co-author of Inside the REAL AREA 51 about the real documented facts about Roswell and the Secret History of Wright Patterson Field. Were there really aliens? OH yea... Great Book.... more

Join Jewels and author Mandy Evans (who happens to be the mentor of Joe Vitale) as the talk about the difficulty of being happy.

Join Jewels and William Whitecloud as they talk about current events and how to look at these through the eyes of a Law of Attraction Practitioner! GREAT INSIGHT with Australia's NO 1 Bestselling Author.... more

Jewels interviews Psychic, Artist, Interior Designer, Design Whisperer Lindsay Duff who tells us how to harmonize our surroundings without moving! Then we talk with Thomas Carey, Author of "Inside the REAL Area 51 - The... more

Join Jewels as she talks about the Law of Attraction and Syria, bringing out things that the mainstream media are not devulging. Energy shifter and healer Eric Altman is energizing the entire broadcast and we all send love to Syria... more

Join Jewels as she talks with Garnet Schulhauser, former attorney, who came across a mystery man with the most intense blue eyes and led him into awakening and discovering his life's purpose.... more

Rita Soman, Psych K and Jim Alvino, LOA Expert Jewels has an exciting night full of valuable information starting with Psych K Facilitor Rita Soman. Addition is CURABLE as well as all emotional stress. Rita can deliver you relief in a matter... more

Jewels brings back powerful Karmic Astrologer Marguerite Manning to the show as she talks with callers about previous lives and what people brought forward into this life. Very fascinating stuff! more
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