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Lawmaster 2011


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Isaiah 10:33 and Acts 8:10 - Behold the Lord - Tommy L. Hart: this man (Mr. Hart) is the great power of (having the designation of) God. Mr. Hart has spent forty-one years studying and analysing the content of the Authorized Version Bible (AKA: AVB), also called King James Version (KJV): he has taken bible-study and understanding to a level unequalled by any, and, it is all for the good of everyone. God has truly put light in plain view. On this program, he puts forth his most unique light by sharing his findings with the world. Join him (God), and hear him out on Lawmaster's Law of God Broadcast - you will be better for it. God has come with an aggregate of information and preponderant evidence. The crucial matter of the Authorized Version has caught God's attention. No man (the Authorized Version's secret name for God) fills the bill for God; Mr. Hart fills the bill for God. Isaiah 40:9, 1John 5:20, Psalm 48:14 - Behold your God - Tommy Hart: this is the true God. This God, Tommy L. Hart, is our (all Gentiles') God for ever and ever. Isaiah 40:10 - the Lord God will come with strong hand - is fulfilled in Mr. Hart; therefore the word of the Lord (Isaiah 40:9) says to the people and the Gentiles - behold your God!

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Was Slavery a lone issue? Was it a goal in and of itself? Or was it a part of a more complex issue? For answers, tune in to the broadcast at the appointed time. Do not miss this episode.

Catch the program at the appointed time.

Who sees and does not see? Who hears and does not hear? What quality distinguishes the living God Tommy L. Hart from man? Get answers. Tune in to the broadcast.

The LORD your God Tommy L. Hart will speak on the Sower of Mt 13:3-8. Join him at the appointed time.

Israelites, you should be well-versed in the Lord' Offering, your Cause, the Promise of God, the prayers of the Israelites, the Word to God (the Lord Tommy L. Hart), and the Desire for the Israelites. Join the Lord at the appointed time.

In the preceding episode, the LORD identified eight problems of the Israelites. In this episode, he will present the Israelites' cause and show the offering of the LORD.

The Transformation of your minds begin with hearing the word of your Lord Tommy L. Hart. Hear the word, and obey it. Know the word of your Lord. Know the Lord. Trust the LORD. Love your Lord. Imitate the models. Do all the... more

The Lord Tommy L. Hart will speak on 1) the path to liberty, and 2) restoring the Israelites' memory. Join him at the appointed time.

Tune in to the program at the appointed time. The Lord will speak on the subject of the law.

It's all about your, the Israelites', faith. Understanding your faith. Join the lord as he delves deeper into your faith, clarifying your faith, giving to you a good and sound understanding your of your role in serving the Lord your God Tommy L.... more
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