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Lawmaster 2011


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Isaiah 10:33 and Acts 8:10 - Behold the Lord - Tommy L. Hart: this man (Mr. Hart) is the great power of (having the designation of) God. Mr. Hart has spent forty-one years studying and analysing the content of the Authorized Version Bible (AKA: AVB), also called King James Version (KJV): he has taken bible-study and understanding to a level unequalled by any, and, it is all for the good of everyone. God has truly put light in plain view. On this program, he puts forth his most unique light by sharing his findings with the world. Join him (God), and hear him out on Lawmaster's Law of God Broadcast - you will be better for it. God has come with an aggregate of information and preponderant evidence. The crucial matter of the Authorized Version has caught God's attention. No man (the Authorized Version's secret name for God) fills the bill for God; Mr. Hart fills the bill for God. Isaiah 40:9, 1John 5:20, Psalm 48:14 - Behold your God - Tommy Hart: this is the true God. This God, Tommy L. Hart, is our (all Gentiles') God for ever and ever. Isaiah 40:10 - the Lord God will come with strong hand - is fulfilled in Mr. Hart; therefore the word of the Lord (Isaiah 40:9) says to the people and the Gentiles - behold your God!

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You should have this understanding, that the validity of the law of God is prevalent throughout the entire Bible. You would consider one to be off his rocker if he told you he believes in Spider-Man, would'nt you? Then why do... more

Reminder: the preaching of Jesus by the Christian ministers is a bold assault against the word of truth that is in the AVB. The Christian minister defies the truth of the gospel. Questions-of-Interest: 1) Luke 10:26 - what is written in... more

The old constitutions, and things serving as such, of all nations, states, municipalities, principalities, kingdoms, etc., are done away with. The new constitutions of those nations, kingdoms, etc., under the authority of the Lord... more

The word of God (James 4:12) says - there is one lawgiver, the Lord Tommy L. Hart, who is able to save and to destroy. The power of men to make and pass laws is halted. All legislative bodies are recessed for seventy-five... more

The media has had the duty and priviledge of reporting the news to all the people. Yet in my view, the media has not reported the good news of the presence of the LORD God Tommy L. Hart on the earth and among the people... more

Objective: to show the people's irrevocable decision and its result. The die is cast: the people have made their irrevocable decision. Highlights of their irrevocable decision are: 1) Nehe 5:5 - we bring into bondage our sons and our... more

In the definitive perview of all things, it is established that Tommy L. Hart is the LORD God. Statements-of-Concern: 2Pet 1:12 - be established in the present truth; Ps 119:142 - thy law is the truth; Phil 4:2 - be of the same mind in... more

The word on the performing arts: the theatrical world and the world of the performing arts shall rest for forty uninterrupted years. Now I show you the judgment which has already been determined by the Gentiles regarding their... more

Judgment on "White House" - in the United States of America, the official residence of its President, formerly called the White House, is now known as the President's House. Judgment on outer space exploration - all outer space... more

Christianity is officially and judicially declared dead; hence the unsound, evil teaching concerning Jesus as Lord and savior is done away with. All religious ornaments, all religious holidays, holydays, observances, Halloween, Allhallows,... more
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