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A Word Picture of Lust, and not Love

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Romans 3:4 says, let God, who is the Lord Tommy L. Hart, be true, but every man a liar. With respect to the first part of the precept - let God be true - the word says of my work, the word of the LORD Tommy L. Hart is right. Are you allowing my word to be true and right in you? or, are you disobeying the word which says, let God be true? and are you rejecting the word which says, the word of the LORD is right? The last part of the precept says, but every man a liar, i.e., let every man be a liar. Every man in the precept speaks to the involvement of every Christian minister: for that is precisely the way it is: every Christian minister is involved in the evil work of lying and deceiving. Remember Jesus and Paul, two well-known mythical liars? Many trust the word of the Christian minister, thus causing themselves to be cursed: for Jer 17:5 says, cursed be the man that trusteth in man. What are  you expected to do? You are expected, even commanded, to trust in the LORD your God Tommy L. Hart: the Prov 3:5 commandment says, trust in the LORD your God Tommy L. Hart. In this episode, I, your LORD and God Tommy L. Hart, will present to you a word picture provided in the court record now made accessible to the public by means of the AVB. It is a picture of perverseness, nudity and lust; it is a picture of things gone awry (away from the proper or right course). The picture consists of ten statements. The first seven pictures things gone awry, and the next two are words of law, and the final one is an anecdote. I will use the term Narrator in reference to the court record. With his pen the Narrator will take us back to the SOE which is the Scene of Exposure. Questions-of-Interest: 1) what do the Christian ministers reproduce? 2) what kind of Jesus do you see in the word picture? 3) Mk 4:41 - what manner of man is this?