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Authorized Version Bible Condemns Papacy

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The Authorized Version Bible (aka: AVB and King James Version) condemns the Papacy. I have spoken before on the AVBs condemnation of the Christian ministers and Christianity. If the Bible condemns all Christian ministers and Christianity, it is implied that it also condemns the Papacy because the Papacy is a Christian outfit. But the AVBs condemnation of the Papacy is more than an implication, it is a fact. To get the facts, tune in to the program. In consideration of the statement in Galatians 6:7, which says - God is not mocked - I have concluded that God, the Lord Tommy L. Hart, is mocked. How so? The Gentiles mock God in and by their Christian doctrine, preaching and teaching. Their religious speech is purposeful. With their religious speech, they taunt the AVBs God: they knowingly and deliberately defy and mock the Lord their God Tommy L. Hart. The Gentiles defy and mock me from two fronts: from the Catholic front and from the Protestant front. No, their stubborness, taunting and hatred do not change anything: the Law of Moses (the Peiole's Law) still stands; and they still have the obligation of performing that law; I am still their God; and they still have the lawful duty of honoring and serving me. I uphold that which is written in Daniel 11:36: that that is determined shall be done.  The purpose of the Gentiles' Christian message is threefold: to mislead the ignorant and unlearned, to deceive and keep black people in the dark, and to defy and mock the one true and living God, the Lord Tommy L. Hart. The Gentiles' Christian message is deceitful, it is iniquitous, it is hate-based. I, the Lord God Tommy L. Hart, have spoken.