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Following That Which is Good

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Do not forget to obey the Lord's commandment which begins with - starting September 1, 2012, you shall send to the Lord your God Tommy L. Hart a check or money order in the amount of thirty (USA) dollars payable to Tommy L. Hart... Three great things I know about the AVB:1) the AVB is a law-book which concerns itself with the people and their God; 2) the AVB calls me (Tommy L. Hart) God; and 3) the AVB says the Gentiles are the servants of (belonging to) God.

In this episode, I will show what this instruction (1Thes 5:15) - ever follow (listen to closely) that whcih is good - refers to.

Commandment (Leviticus 26:10) to the Lord Tommy L. Hart - thou shalt bring forth the old because of the new. The AVB (the Gentiles' law-book on things pertaining to God) says the law is good, and God is good. If I am to follow the law (it is good) and bring forth the old because of the new, then the crucial question is, as I read the New Testament,  what things are old? I must identify the Old Testament teachings that are continued in the New Testament.

Questions-of-Interest: 1) (Gal 4:21) - hear ye not the law? Hear = pay attention to. 2) Rom 7:7 - is the law sin? 3) Luke 10:26 - what is written in the law? 4) John 18:38 - what is truth? Truth= conformity with fact.

Statements-of-Concern: 1) Malachi 4:4 - remember ye the law of Moses. 2) Prov 4:2 - I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not my law.

Statements-of-Concern: 1) Matt 1:23 - God with us. What is written in the law? In the law, Matt 1:23 is written - God is with us. In the law (Genesis 48:21) it is written - God shall be with you. 2) Matt 4:4 - man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word (judgment) that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. What is written in the law? This is written in the law (Hosea 12:6) -  carry our his (God's) judgments.