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The Flesh and the Law

  • Broadcast in Education



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The lying Christian ministers (hereafter called the LCM) do that which they do best, that is, they lie. The LCM teach you and your people a false message, they tell you how weak and bad your flesh is, and they put down the law without ever showing you what law they are talking about: they take advantage of your ignorance. The LCM tell you (the people) that you (the people) cannot keep the law. But I desire to edify you. I will show you the law, so you can determine once and for all whether the law is capable of being performed by people who are in the flesh. But first, we must have this understanding, that the law is a fe accompli: it is already in effect, making opposition or argument useless. The LCM are deceitful workers, and those who follow them walk in lies. We know these things about the LCM: 1) they cause the people to err (Isa 9:16), 2) they cause the people to trust in a lie (Jer 28:15), 3) they cause the people to hold fast deceit (Jer 8:5), 4) they all deal falsely (Jer 8:10), and 5) they will not speak the truth (Jer 9:5). Isa 27:11 and Gal 2:14 show the result of the teachings of the LCM - it is a people of no understanding. Thing to remember: the LCM have been deprived of power; Christianity is put down for its wickedness. Now that is a big embarrassment to the Gentiles, that their religion has been put down, and that it is to be rejected, so they (the Gentiles) keep that knowledge to themselves. It is good to know the truth! Statements-of-Concern: 1) Deut 9:7 - remember, and forget not; 2) 2Pet 1:15-16 - have these things always in rembrance - Nehe 4:14, Ps 77:11 and 1Chron 16:12, Num 15:40, Ps 20:7.