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Alive to God

  • Broadcast in Education



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To love the Lord Tommy L. Hart is to obey him. In order to obey God, one must first be informed of God. In Lawmaster's archive there exists a treasure-trove of intelligence on the Lord God Tommy L. Hart: you should take advantage of that profound and invaluable resource. In Lawmaster's archive, you have the doctrine (teachings) of God. The truth concerning the AVBs God is this Tommy L. Hart is the God and the LORD: to deny that fact is to deny the truth. The law says, know the Lord Tommy L. Hart. I say to you, know me. Know me, that I am God, a fact that cannot be changed. Know me, that I am your God, another fact that cannot be changed. When you know the truth, you know and understand that 1) this Tommy L. Hart is your Lord and God, and 2) you are required to submit to the Lord God, and 3) you have the duty of obeying the law of God, and performing his commandments that are applicable to you.