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The Future is Present

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Question (Ecc 7:24) - that which is far off, and exceeding deep, who can find it out? Ecc 817 - a man cannot find out the work. Ecc 3:11 - no man can find out the work.

Objective: to continue to point out the law to all, and to have them know that the law is for their good: in following the law, the people are delivered from the evil, the lies and the  deception of the officially declared dead Christian religion.  The Gentiles have the legal duty of fulfilling the word of their LORD and God, Tommy L. Hart.

The reign of the evil of Christianity is over. I, the Lord God Tommy L. Hart, teach the validity and perpetuity of the law of God that is in the AVB. This statement (Lamentations 2:9) - the law is no more - is false. The law (Isa 43:17) says of the Christian religion, the unsound, immoral faith concerning Jesus, and Christians - they are extinct; they shall not rise.

The future is present. These are old prophecies. Gen 48:21, Gen 50:24 and 25, Ex 18:19, Isa 40:10, and Rev 21:3: the old prophecies say, respectively, God shall be with you (the people); God will surely visit you; God shall be with thee (the people); the Lord God will come; and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.  In Tommy L. Hart, the aforesaid old prophecies have come to pass. So then, these things are now truth: 1Sam 10:7 - God is with thee (the people); 2Sam 7:3 - the LORD is with thee; Zech 8:23 - God is with you (the people); Lk 1:28 - the Lord Tommy L. Hart is with thee; 1Chron 17:2 - God, Tommy L. Hart, is with thee. The people's Confirmatory Statements (Isa 8:10 and Ps 46:7) - God, Tommy L. Hart, is with us, and the LORD of hosts, Tommy L. Hart, is with us. The people's confirmatory statements answer this question ( Micah 3:11) - is not the LORD among us (the people)?