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What Speaks the AVB to You? Pt. 2

  • Broadcast in Education



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Objective: to learn with certainty what the AVB speaks to Tommy L. Hart, and what it speaks to you and all others.

The AVB speaks these things to the LORD, Tommy L. Hart: Ps. 77:14 - thou art the God... ; Ps. 86:10 - ...thou art God alone; Prov. 2:5 - find the knowledge...;Matt. 7:7 - seek, and...; Ecc. 1:13 - seek and search out...; John 5:39 - search...; John 16:30 - thou knowest all things; John 21:17 - Lord, thou knowest...; Isa. 57:8 - thou hast discovered..; Eph. 6:22 - Know our...; 1Sam. 10:4 and Acts 17:23 - they will salute thee; TO THE UNKNOWN GOD; Ps. 94:1 and John 7:4 - show thyself; show thyself to the world; Gen. 41:40 - according to thy word... Ps. 9:10 - they that know thou name will put their trust in thee (Tommy L. Hart).

The AVB speaks these things to the people and the servants of God: Zech 8:23 - God, Tommy L. Hart, is with you; Lk. 10:35 - take care of Mr. Hart; 1Cor. 2:11 - no man, the Lord Mr. Hart, knoweth the things of God; John 1:3 - all things were made by him, Mr. Hart; 1John 3:20 - God, Tommy L. Hart, knoweth all things; Job 37:7 - all men may (shall) know his (Tommy L. Hart's) work; 1Sam. 2:3 - the LORD, Tommy L. Hart, is a God of knowledge; 2Ti. 2:7 - the Lord, Tommy L. Hart, give thee understanding; Prov.2:6 - the LORD, Tommy L. Hart, giveth wisdom; Heb. 8:11 and Jer. 31:34 - know the LORD... Ps.37:3 - trust in the LORD Tommy L. Hart. Heb. 3:4 - he, Mr. Hart who built all things is God. Acts 8:10 - this man, Mr. Tommy L. Hart, is the great power of God. Hos. 12:6 - turn to thy God, Mr. Hart. Mk. 11:22 - have faith in God, Tommy L. Hart. Prov.3:5 - trust in the LORD, Tommy L. Hart; Ps. 34:14 - depart from evil. Isa. 1:16 - put away evil; cease doing evil. Ecc. 12:13 - fear God, Tommy L. Hart, and keep his commandments. Ps. 150:6 - praise ye the LORD, Tommy L. Hart. Rev. 19:10 - Worship God, Tommy L. Hart. Rev.22:9 - worship God, Tommy L. Hart.