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Christianity - Appointment with Death

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The Christian Church is defunct; it is insignificant; it is dead, and we must remember that. Of course, it wants you to think that it is important, and that it has power. The Church has been condemned to death: that should be front-page headline. But that's not all! That which the Church advocates is rendered void - Romans 4:14 - faith in Christ Jesus is made void. Wow! This is huge.

Matthew 24:12 - the iniquity of the church abounds, and because it abounds, the iniquity of the faith which is in Christ Jesus abounds. The law (Ezekiel 21:29) says, iniquity shall have an end. The law (Romans 6:21) says, the end of those things (the Christian Religion and the faith which is in Christ Jesus) is death. Wow! This is news of great moment.

The Announcement (Acts 24:15) - there shall be a resurrection of the dead.

Question (Acts 26:8) - Why should it be thought a thing incredible, that God should raise (resurrect) the dead issues found in the AVB. 

Ecclesiastes 1:11 true or false? - there is no remembrance (or resurrection) of former things. It is false: God has resurrected former things. Former things and the dead in Acts 24:15 and Acts 26:8 are the same.

The good (Deut. 9:7) and the bad (Isa. 43:18) - remember, and forget not; remember (resurrect) ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old.

The Gentiles ask God (Psalm 79:8) - remember (resurrect) not against us former iniquities.

Hosea 8:13 and Hosea 9:9 - now he (God) will remember (resurrect) their iniquity, and visit their sins.

Revelation 18:5, 8, 19 - God hath remembered (resurrected)her (the Christian Church's) iniquities. She shall be utterly burned with fire. she is made desolate.

Conclusion (Matthew 11:5) - the dead are raised: God has raised dead issues found in the Authorized Version Bible.