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The Demise of the Christian Faith

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2Cor 3:13 - look to the end of that which is abolished. Lk 2:15 - See this thing the Lord has made known to us. Ps 98:2 - the Lord has made known his salvation.

Ecclesiastes 8:11 - sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily.

The law of faith is indefeasible: it cannot be undone or made void; it must be done to perfection.

The intent of the law of faith: the abolishment of the Gentiles' enslavement of black people and all the things related to, and in any way having anything at all to do with, it. I have shown, in earlier episodes, the faith/slavery connection, how that the Gentiles conspired to give the captured Blacks an unsound, facetious and vain faith. The law of faith clearly abolishes slavery: the Gentiles did that. The law of faith clearly abolishes the Christian Religion and its teaching: the Gentiles have not carried that out; they have not ceased teaching and preaching Jesus. The Gentiles' obedience to the law of faith is not done: they must fulfill all the terms of the law of Faith. The law calls for the death of the Christian Religion, which espouses the faith concerning Christ Jesus. The end of the Christian Religion and the faith concerning Christ Jesus is death, a ceasing to exist.

The Living God's Declaration: the Authorized Version's doctrine of salvation speaks to the truth which comes from the living God, the Gentiles' abolishment of the Christian Religion, a ceasing to teach the faith concerning Jesus, the people's departure from the faith which is in Christ Jesus, and the death of the said faith and religion. In the book of the law, the Authorized Version Bible, the Christian Religion and the faith concerning Christ Jesus are sentenced to death.

Acts 17:6 - these that have turned the world upside down are come hither also: they have come hither and gone thither. Romans 3:16 - destruction and misery are in their ways.