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BOMBSHELL - Faith in Christ Jesus - an EVIL

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To the Gentiles, their freedom of religion is their freedom and license to commit evil. Their promotion of the Christian faith is the promotion of evil, which their (the Gentiles') governments wink at, and that is not good at all.

The Authorized Version Bible (the AVB) is a record book and a book of legal decisions, and instructions: it does not uphold the evil of the Christian faith, it discloses the evil. In addition, the AVB instructs the people to depart from the evil. The evil is the unsound, immoral and foolish (absurd) faith that is concerning the fictitious character Jesus, 

The Gentiles' unsound, immoral and false teaching concerning Jesus Christ is demonstrative of their blatant, deliberate, in-your-face and ongoing disregard for the dignity of black people and others as well. Blacks, when the Gentiles held them in captivity and bondage, were forced to accept the deceitful teaching.

Everything is not all right; everything is not honky-dory. The Gentiles can not be trusted to tell the truth. These things are against them: Jere 9:5, Jeremiah 23:14, Jeremiah 20:6 and Psalm 10:7. And the Christian Church, which promotes the unsound, immoral and evil faith which is in Christ Jesus, is found to be an advocate and promoter of immorality, lies and wickedness: it, the Christian Church, should have gone out with slavery, the slave trade, and the dehumanization of black people. It is apparent - all is not OK.

I, the living God, have called for the Gentiles to abolish religion in general, and the Christian faith in particular. The Gentiles are also under orders to trust the living God, fear him, and keep his commandments.

Question (Jeremiah 16:10) - What is our (the Gentiles') iniquity? What is the condemnation of the faith which is in Christ Jesus? For answers, tune in at the appointed time, as I dig deeper into the matter of your faith.