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God's Narrative Continues

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The Gentiles' conspiracy against black people is one of 1) making war with, defeating and conquering them, 2) possessing their lands, resources and even their bodies, 3) enslaving, dehumaniizing and commodifying them, 4)  scattering them and reproducing slave offspring, 5) buying and selling them, 6) putting the captured black people   under the power and authority of their owners (the slaveholders and wardens), 7) forcing upon the captives a perpetual, unsound and false christian belief.

The Gentiles have carried out the seven particulars (or items) of the above conspiracy; they have brought to an end only six of the seven. The one on giving the black people a false faith remains - the question is, why?. Now if all other items of the conspiracy are brought to an end, why does item seven remain? With reason, it should have been done away with, as well. Each item of the conspiracy is an evil: evil characterizes the overall conspiracy. The unsound and false christian belief and teaching of Jesus should also be outlawed and brought to an end: it is a downright evil.

Jeremiah 23:10 - Their (the Gentiles') course, shown in the above conspiracy, is evil, and their force is not right.

I, the Living God, call for the abolition of religion in general, and the christian faith and teaching in particular.

Our Plan for Action is for you to do good, and depart from evil. What is evil? Evil is the unsound, immoral, unjust, false teaching concerning the fictional character Jesus. What is to do good? To do good is to depart from evil. You do good by departing from the unsound, immoral, unjust, false teaching concerning Jesus. I say to you, there IS life without Jesus. You can live without the fictional character Jesus. Psalm 34:14 - Do good, and depart from evil. There IS life without Jesus. There is wonderful life above and beyond Jesus.