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A Conspiracy Is Found - What Is It, Lord?

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I, the Lord God ISRAEL, call for tthe abolition of religion in general, and the Christian faith in particular.

The statement in Jeremiah 11:9 is true: I have found a conspiracy. The conspirators are all nations of the Gentiles - the Gentile (white) people. The question raised in Acts 10:4 is concerning the conspiracy: the question is addressed to the Lord - what is it, or, what is the conspiracy, Lord? I will answer that question: it is a question whose answer we all need to know.

The Gentiles conspired to make war with, defeat, and conquer the black people. The Gentiles conspired to take possession of the black people's lands, resources and even their bodies. The Gentiles conspired to hold the black people in captivity. The Gentiles conspired to enslave the black people, and to make unethical use of them for their (the Gentiles') own advantage or profit. The Gentiles conspired to dehumanize and to commodify the black people. The Gentiles conspired to make the black people self-perpetuating by the planned, forced and controlled reproduction of slave-offspring. All the Gentiles agreed that they, the general population, would be the keepers and wardens of the captured, enslaved, dehumanized, commodified and forced self-perpetuating black people. The Gentiles conspired to scatter the captive black people. Furthermore, the Gentiles conspired to force upon the black people an unsound and false belief, a belief, or faith, which they, the Gentiles, would allow the black people to hold, even after emancipation. Stated simply, the Gentiles conspired to deceive black people.  All in all, the Gentiles conspired to destroy black civilization as it then was.

The spelling out of the above conspiracy (or plan) is important, because it shows the Gentiles' unity and intent, and the Christian faith and slavery connection. In carrying out the plan, the Gentiles showed a conscious disregard for human life.