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The Christian Church: Lies, Hypocrisy, Deceit

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The Christian Church is filled with lies, hypocrisy and deceit: it is a most unrighteous and evil organization. The Church sees and holds the AVB, the living God, Bible truth, and all things as its most despised and hated enemies. Of course, these things are not apparent to the gullible, unlearned and unsuspecting. The Church's teaching of Jesus is nothing but lies. How do I know that? Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, in conjunction with the law of Moses in the Old Testament, tell me so. It is time we get it right. Sure, when we were enslaved, the Gentiles lied to us about Jesus being a real person. But now, we are many years past that time. We have been reading for many years. Yes, the Gentile Church has lied to us. Yes, the Gentile Church has misled us. Yes, the Gentile Church has defrauded us, and deceived us. But, have we grown any at all? It is time we get it right.

Get this, the Gentiles gave the slaves no good thing. They gave the slaves a belief, a faith, which they wanted the slaves to have once they were freed; now that's thinking, planning, preparing and acting in advance, is'nt it? And the false teaching given to the slaves, where did it come from? Matt. 13:28 says, an enemy hath done this. Yes, it came from the Gentile Church. The Gentile, or Christian, Church was a very active, leading participant in bringing about the fall of Africa, and the enslavement of black people. Black people's Christian belief, or faith, was given to them by their enemy, the Christians (the Gentiles. Slavery was an evil institution. Slavery and the Christian Church cannot be separated. If slavery was an evil, then so is the Christian Church which still exists, and thrives, and defrauds, and lies. The Christian faith was forced uoon the slaves. Today, blacks freely and gladly embrace that which brought about their own destruction.