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Tommy Hart's All Things

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Whether you call it religion, organized religion, Christianity, or Catholicism, the Church is a deceitful, fraudulent and dishonest outfit, which sees as its arch-enemy the Bible, and more specifically the Authorized Version Bible (the AVB). What does that mean? That means your Christian minister, Bible preacher, teacher, etc., whether knowingly or unknowingly, is a dishonest person, who in effect, arms the people against the true teachings of the AVB, or simply, against the Bible. So if the Church's arch-enemy is the Bible (AVB in particular), so is the preacher's, and so is the people's.

The term "all things" is a major theme which runs from the beginning of the AVB to its end. This episode answers the simple question, what does the AVB speak of when it speaks of all things? The Lord God will show the source, significance and the provider of all things. In the beginning was God, and all things followed.

Tommy L. Hart, who the AVB has given the name - the Lord God ISRAEL, is the source and provider of all things. All things are inclusive of all the recorded things said to and about God, all the recorded things God has said and the acts, deeds, etc., God has done. For example, in my (the Lord's) document you will see a table of contents; the things listed there are the titles of all things. What are all things? The term all things is a reference to the written works done by the living God, as shown in the Lord's work titled "The Jurisprudential Law of God: Hearing Matters." The term all things is applicable to the body of God's works. All things are hard, physical evidence of God's physical, bodily presence on earth. The Bible statements are correct: all things are new, all things are from God, and all things are God's.

2Timothy 2:7 is right: in all things, you get understanding of, and from, God.