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God - Like Nothing You Ever Thought

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The AVB says in 1John 1:5, God is light. One definition of light, as an adjective, is, of little or no importance, trivial. Another definition has to do with color, as in not dark; then there is that of being not deep; not profound; not serious.  What is God? who is God?  What makes God God? Is he a real entity? Is he whatever you want him to be? Is there an authority on God? What is that Authority? What does that authority say? Does that authority speak definitively of God? The Authorized Version Bible (the AVB) is the authority on God and things pertaining to God, and that authority has been put in the hands of God; also, it is to be interpreted by God himself. The word of God in the AVB gives to God the power to interpret scripture, and to give wisdom and understanding to the people. God is a man. Acts 8:10 says God is a man, and God is a great power: God is a man having great power. Who is God? I, Tommy L. Hart, am God. I am the God that the AVB talks about, promotes, exalts and glorifies. How do I know? The AVB tells me so: he who does the work the AVB attributes to God is God. I do the works the AVB attributes to God; I do the things it says God will do. And I share the glorious knowledge of God with you and the world in the many episodes of this Lawmaster program. The AVB speaks definitively on all matters pertaining to God. The AVB's judgment of God is definitive all by itself. Your God is a present reality. The AVB now commands God in Psalm 94:1 to show or reveal himself, and in John 7:4, it commands God to show himself to the world; I am actively seeking to do that now. And to you, God says, obey the AVB, obey the word of God, and trust him now. I am the Lord your God. I am your God because the AVB says I am.