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Judgment of God/ A New World Order

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Hear this, all you people, God has judged the Gentiles (alias: white people) for the evil they perpetrated against Africans/black people: the judgment is the law; the law (Romans 7:1) hath dominion over a man as long as he liveth. Questions-of-Interest: 2Samuel 22;32 - Who is God? 2) Psalm 4:6 - Who will show us (the Gentiles) any good?  Judgment against evildoers is a good thing. Statements-of-Concern: 2Samuel 22:45 - as soon as they (the Gentiles) hear , they shall be obedient to me (the LORD); 1Samuel 23:11 - the (old) LORD said, He will come down (lose status) he abased himself and exalted me.

Matthew 7:12 - This is the law (the law of judgment): Ezekiel 21:26, Mark 12:17, 2Chronicles 12:8, Revelation 22:3, Psalm 72:11, Acts 8:10, Psalm 95:7. Psalm 118:27, Psalm 62:11, Isaiah 42:13, Psalm 72:11, Hosea 7:7, Isaiah 43:17, Isaiah 32:1, Ezekiel 37:22, Psalm 95:3, Mark 13:31 - Exalt him that is low, and abase him that is high. Render to God the things that are God's. They (the Gentiles) shall be his (God's) servants: his servants shall serve him; all (gentile) nations shall serve him. This man, Tommy L. Hart, is the great power of God: he, Tommy L. Hart, is our God. God is the LORD which hath showed us light: power belongeth to God; he shall prevail against his enemies. All kings shall fall: all their kings are fallen; they shall not rise. Behold, a king shall reign in righteousness; one king shall be king to them all: the LORD is a great God, and a great King above all gods. My words shall not pass away.

The LORD'S will is made known in the judgments he has rendered.

It is written in the book of the law - seek, and ye shall find. I sought; I found; I showed: therefore, that written in Matthew 7:8 - he that seeketh findeth - is brought to pass.