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Papacy Sold Africans Into Slavery

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Psalm 106:41-42 is a Papal Acknowkedgment of what the papacy and the Gentiles did to African people; it answers the question : who sold the Africans into slavery? A restatement of Psalm 106:41-42 - And he (the Papacy) gave them (the Africans) into the hands of the heathen (Gentiles):  and they (the papacy) that hated them (the Africans/black people) ruled over them (the Africans/black people).  Their (the black people's) enemies (the papacy and the Gentiles) also oppressed them (the black people), and they (the Africans) were brought into subjection under their  (the papacy's') hand. For more information on the subject, download and listen to Lawmaster's episodes with the term "curse" in the title.

The papal order of Revelation 18:12-13 said to the Gentiles, Africans/blackpeople are slaves; slaves are not human beings: slaves are merchandise that may be bought and sold: that order gave to the Gentiles the legal ability to buy and sell Africans/black people. The Order of Revelation 18:12-13 was the legal basis for the Gentiles' infamous slave trade.

The papal decree of Genesis 8:17 says - they may breed abundantly in the earth, and be fruitful, and multiply upon the earth: that decree gave the Gentiles the legal ability to breed the slaves. Procreation or multiplying among the slaves was forced and controlled by the slaveholder. Slaveholders or their representatives chose the parties to be mated. Slaves begat slaves: those begotten became the property of the slaveholder. Slave multiplication (slave breeding) was big business. Slave breeding was a means of feeding the slave trade. The papal decree of Genesis 8:17 is repeated in Genesis 9:1 - Be fruitful (productive; producing much), and multiply (breed abundantly).