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The Curse/Complaint/Confessions/Conclusions

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Statement-of-Interest (Jeremiah 15:4) - I will cause them (the Africans) to be removed into all kingdoms (animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms) of the earth. The preceding Jeremiah 15:4 statement is fulfilled in the Revelation 18:12-13 statement. In the Papacy's Law of the Curse, the Papacy formally and authoritatively charged the Gentiles with the task of making war with, defeating, subduing and subjugating the aboriginal black people of Africa. The Law of the Curse authorized the gentile armies to join forces in order to take over the land of Africa, and to bring into captivity its people.  The Jeremiah 15:4 statement and Revelation 18:12-13 statement clearly shows the Papacy dehumanized the Africans: it removed the Africans from the category of Homo sapiens and put them in a class of assorted things - merchandise - a class of things that are bought and sold. In the two statements - Jeremiah 15:4 and Revelation 18:12-13, the Papacy commodified the aboriginal people of Africa. The statement - Jeremiah 15:4 and Revelation 18:12-13 - is a part of the papal curse against people of African descent. The papacy sold the African people into captivity and slavery, it is evident in the papal curse.  Psalm 106:41-42 - he (the papacy) gave them (the Africans) into the hand of the heathen (Gentiles); and they (the Gentiles) that hated them (the Africans) ruled over them (the Africans). Their (the Africans) enemies (the Gentiles) also oppressed them (the Africans), and they (the Africans) were brought into subjection under their hand.