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Mr. Tommy Hart, author of the book - "The book of the Law of God" - summarizes the preceding lecture: 1) A question-of-interest posed by the Vatican (Jeremiah 16:10), What is our (the Vatican's and the Gentiles') iniquity? 2) In Revelation 18:11-13, a libelous papal law in the form of a word-picture, allowing the Gentiles the legal right to buy and sell slaves as they would any other merchandise, was presented; 3) in Deuteronomy 28, we heard some Vatican anti-African sentiments; 4) Mr. Hart brought forth an official, Vatican statement (Ezekiel 27:13) on the Gentiles' slave-trafficking practice; and 5) in Ezekiel 28:18, we saw a Vatican condemnation of that which they (the Vatican) authorized in Revelation 18:11-13. So, in answer to the above Vatican question-of-interest (Jeremiah 16:10), one iniquity of the Vatican and the Gentiles, as declared by the Vatican in Ezekiel 28:18, is that of slave-trafficking. I thus conclude that the Vatican's law laid down in Revelation 18:11-13, and practiced many years by the Gentiles before it was repealed, is an iniquitous and libelous law. In this episode, Mr. Hart, the first post-enslavement figure to speak openly on the truth coming from the Authorized Version Bible (AVB), will bring forth knowledge on the Gentiles' God, the God that the Bible exalts, honors and talks much about. Mr. Hart will also read, line by line, a portion of the AVB's Law of the Curse, further showing the Vatican's involvement in the Gentiles' infamous and iniquitous slave-trafficking - we must add these things to our knowledge, because as a result of Mr. Hart's scrutiny and analysis of the content of the Authorized Version Bible, knowledge has certainly increased, thus bringing to pass the Vatican prophetic statements (Daniel 12:4, 1Corinthians 3:6, and a statement on the order of Daniel 1:17) - knowledge shall be increased; God gave the increase: God gave the people knowledge concerning the crucial content of the Authorized Version Bible.