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Law of Attraction - Secret Temple is about exploring the secret temple within to release the full power of the Law of Attraction. Noted speaker and healer of the ancient wisdom of Hermes, Robert Zink, will take you deep within your own secret temple. During these episodes expect to unlock how to empower your life as the mysteries unfold into modern living. Explore riveting topics such as: The Law of Attraction, Angelic Evocation and Communion, Kabalah, Manifestation Magic, Spiritual and Physical Healing, Astral Travel, Lucid Dreaming, Psychic Intuition, Achievement and Abundance Alchemy, Neuro-linguistic Alchemy (NLP), Meditation, the Wisdom of Hermes and the Golden Dawn, and so much more will be jam-packed in continuing episodes. Law of Attraction – Secret Temple is part of The Law of Attraction Radio Network.

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Listen to this special Law of Attraction Podcast with special guest Jamie Johnson. Find out how Jamie is now in line to earn $100.000 dollars this year, and double that next year! He is a client of Robert Zink the Mentor of Light, and both... more

Once you begin to apply these six simple steps, you will begin to see incredible miracles in your life. The Law of Attraction is always working, and when you begin to apply these simple steps to manifestation, things begin to go snap,... more

Are you afraid of failure? Is fear controlling your life? Do yor fear fear poverty, or being alone? Your fear will destroy your dreams, and hurt you in ways you cannot imagine. Your fear is your failure. Once you learn the powerful secrets of... more

Sometimes we believe that we are doing everything right, and yet things go bad. Everything we do seems to work against us. There is an answer to this and why bad things happen even if you are doing everything right. You will discover the... more

The the tea in China won't help you unless you enjoy peace of mind. In this podcast the Mentor of Light, Robert Zink shares with you guidelines to enjoy peace of the mind. Imagine how good you will be at attracting the life you want if... more

You life has meaning and the quality of your life is in direct response to some very simple and yet effective secrets. Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach Robert Zink will share with you some powerful tools for increasing the quality of... more

The Law of Attraction requires action. There is no attraction without action. But even procrastination is an action. It is an action that will keep you fat, poor, lonely, broke, and desperate. Why not put the incredible power of the Law of... more

The Law of Attraction says that likes attract likes. So imagine, if you are engaged in anti-success habits and ways of thinking, then it is likely you will be attracting more if what you don't want, and less of if what you do want. These... more

Do you want to build a successful business but things keep going wrong? Are you earning about half of what you are worth? Is your relationship faultering or falling apart? Are you struggling emotionally, plysically or in some other way? Do you... more

When you have high self esteem, you will always attract more. In the podcast the Mentor of Light, Robert Zink shares some powerful Law of Attraction Esteem building methods that you can apply right now. The Law of Attraction and a... more
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