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People often throw around terms like ?sole custody,? ?joint custody,? and ?full custody.? But what does that really mean? This podcast with Kristina Regal of Lavelle Law explores different types of custody rights, and the implications of those rights over the lifetime of a child.
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This podcast will explore the nature of a basic breach of contract action and other related theories of contractual and quasi-contractual liability.

For those people considering contesting the assessment of the appraised valuation with respect to their property taxes. We will discuss the basics of appealing your property tax assessment.

Plenty of businesses aren’t paid by customers every day. but when there isn’t a written contract between the parties, many businesses think that there is no remedy at all. That’s not necessarily the case. We’ll look into the law of oral... more

The home health care industry is now very competitive with a tremendous amount of agencies. Such competition places pressure on the agencies to locate qualified patients, to which to provide health care services. At the same time, State and... more

This podcast will focus on guardianship in Illinois and the responsibilities and obligations it entails.

This podcast will discuss litigation cases where a minority shareholder in a company brings a lawsuit against one or more shareholders who hold a majority interest in the same company for wrongful and oppressive conduct against the... more

This podcast will assist homeowners in understanding how to maximize their property tax savings.

This podcast is for people considering helping a family member, friend or fiancé with a large purchase or helping a business with its growth or survival. We will discuss just what the effect of signing a guaranty is for the guarantor.

Listen in as Commercial realtor, Randy Olczyk, and Attorney Kerry Lavelle discuss the opportunities, and pitfalls of real estate investing in this opportunistic market.

This podcast will discuss collection options for debts under $10,000 and what avenues a person may pursue to collect from people who owe small amounts.
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