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Join the attorneys at Lavelle Law, Ltd. as they discuss legal concepts and issues affecting individuals and small businesses. Submit your legal questions to! We will answer your questions in future podcasts.

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The Secretary of State has the authority to suspend the driving privileges of a motorist for any number of reasons, some discretionary. The goal of this podcast is to acquaint the listener with some of the more common basis' for these suspensions. The podcast with James Doerr of Lavelle Law will also present some common methods used to clear up these suspensions and the role the lawyer plays in facilitating this process.
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This podcast will discuss litigation cases where a minority shareholder in a company brings a lawsuit against one or more shareholders who hold a majority interest in the same company for wrongful and oppressive conduct against the... more

This podcast will assist homeowners in understanding how to maximize their property tax savings.

This podcast is for people considering helping a family member, friend or fiancé with a large purchase or helping a business with its growth or survival. We will discuss just what the effect of signing a guaranty is for the guarantor.

Listen in as Commercial realtor, Randy Olczyk, and Attorney Kerry Lavelle discuss the opportunities, and pitfalls of real estate investing in this opportunistic market.

This podcast will discuss collection options for debts under $10,000 and what avenues a person may pursue to collect from people who owe small amounts.

The podcast will cover corporate ways to bring in capital, what type of interest you can give in exchange for cash, how much you should give away and types of incentives you can give an investor. The banking perspective will discuss... more

Owners in closely held businesses owe to their co-owners certain obligations, in how they manage the business. A failure by an owner in such a business, to enforce their rights, will result in a loss in value of their interest in such business.... more

Though the federal estate tax has been repealed for 2010, its return in 2011 will affect taxpayers with assets in excess of $1 million. Tune in to learn more about the changes to the estate tax laws and how to best plan to minimize the effect... more

This podcast will address how lenders are utilizing clauses in personal guaranties, called confessions of judgment, in commercial loan cases in today’s economy.

This podcast is geared toward people considering purchasing a business. "Successor Liability for Business Debts" is an issue that may not be apparent in the initial investment.
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