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This podcast with Steve Migala discusses judicial dissolution of Illinois corporations under Article 12 of the Illinois Business Corporation Act.
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Maintenance in Illinois divorce is a complicated issue for the courts to decide. Many common questions include: What factors are used to assist the court in determining maintenance? Is maintenance set like child support is? The... more

Boaters face punishment of a class A misdemeanor 364 days jail, $2,500 fines for operating a watercraft (boating) under the influence. Boaters have less protections than motorists in that they can be stopped without a reasonable and articulable... more

What if you are an employer and you shared confidential information, such as client lists with an employee and now the employee is contacting your clients and starting up a competitive business? What if a competitor named their business... more

In the past several years – the use of social networking has exploded. While much of the technology provides incredible opportunities for businesses – there are also potential legal pitfalls for employers. Employers and... more

One strategy to keep good employees long term is to offer them stock in your company. This must be done with care to avoid giving away control in the company, and to properly manage the tax result. This podcast with James D.... more

Did you know the State of Illinois offers up to a 25% state income tax credit to businesses and individuals who make investments in qualified new business ventures? The Illinois Angel Investment Credit Program (?Program?) is designed... more

Planning a vacation without the kids? Finding a babysitter isn't all you need to do. Make sure you've planned appropriately by appointing a Short Term Guardian. This podcast with Heather Walser of Lavelle Law, Ltd. will explore the various... more

There are many questions and considerations when evaluating and enforcing child support orders. This podcast with Amil Alkass of Lavelle Law, Ltd. will summarize how a parent can enforce child support orders and obligations when the... more

HELOCs entered into before the real estate collapse may be coming due soon. This podcast with Tim Hughes of Lavelle Law will go over the advantages and disadvantages of filing chapter 13 bankruptcy when necessary.

This podcast with Heidi Schuster will explain the legal relationship with a prospective client, understanding their wants, needs, and goals, making a plan that helps them reach those goals through attorney's assistance. If the attorney... more
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