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You've probably heard about the benefits of the different types of trusts that can be created in estate planning. But your work isn't done just because you've finalized and signed your trust. For a trust to function property, it must be ?funded.? But what does it mean to ?fund? a trust, and why is the funding process so important? This podcast with Heather Walser will answer these questions and more.
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Taxpayers who owe money to the IRS should try to actively resolve their debt. The IRS has many options from Offers in Compromise to Installment Agreements designed in order provide taxpayers with a fresh start. If you currently have... more

The decision to divorce your spouse is not one taken lightly by the parties involved. Filing for a divorce can quickly become a complicated and confusing ordeal, especially when children are in the mix. Another complication that could... more

dentity theft has been in the news a lot lately. As the recent security breaches at Target and Home Depot show us, our personal information is more vulnerable than ever. But what are steps that you can take to protect yourself from identity... more

Most people have heard about estate and gift taxes, but may not understand exactly what they are and when they apply. In this podcast with Brian Warens, untangle the mysteries behind estate and gift taxes and find out what creates an... more

People often throw around terms like ?sole custody,? ?joint custody,? and ?full custody.? But what does that really mean? This podcast with Kristina Regal of Lavelle Law explores different types of custody rights, and the implications of... more

Due to changes in IRS reporting requirements for tax-exempt entities in recent years, many entities have lost their tax-exempt status, which can cause significant issues both for those entities and for any individuals donating to them. This... more

Unemployment is not a free pass for unemployed workers – find out what defenses you may have to a former worker's claim for unemployment benefits in this podcast with Lance Ziebell of Lavelle Law.

Through landmark legislation that passed in Springfield, IL last November, Same Sex Marriage has come in effect as of June 1, 2014. With this new legislation comes many questions and even more gray areas that have yet to be discussed... more

After you have filed a Complaint or responded to a Complaint by filing an Answer to the Complaint, the next phase of the litigation is called discovery. Discovery typically begins by sending Interrogatories and Requests for the Production of... more
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