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Join the attorneys at Lavelle Law, Ltd. as they discuss legal concepts and issues affecting individuals and small businesses. Submit your legal questions to! We will answer your questions in future podcasts.

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Leverage is key when negotiating with global corporations and most small contractors are surprised at how much negotiation can take place in their favor. This podcast with Busienss Law attorney at Lavelle Law, James Voigt, will discuss strategies you can use to leverage your small business against global corporations.
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This podcast with Steve Migala discusses judicial dissolution of Illinois corporations under Article 12 of the Illinois Business Corporation Act.

As our loved ones age, many factors such as physical illness, diminishing mental capacity, and dementia can make them vulnerable to neglect, abuse, and exploitation by caregivers, family members, or others. There are a number of... more

The decision to file bankruptcy can be a difficult and emotional experience for any person. With that decision comes a flood of unanswered questions and doubts when it comes to assessing debts and liabilities to be covered by... more

While the victims of violence may think they have limited to no options for protection, the court system offers a variety of options for protection. This podcast with Amil Alkass of Lavelle Law will explore protections and remedies... more

Small claims court has many different rules and procedures than other courts. It has many more of the elements ?as seen on tv,? as very little is documents or correspondence is exchanged between attorneys, or the plaintiff and defendant.... more

Selling your home can be a daunting prospect. There are a number of risks involved as well as complicated and intimidating sales contracts. In this podcast with Courtney Kleshinski, find out what happens after you sign the home sale... more

Everyone's estate planning needs are different, but everyone needs an estate plan. Estate planning does not only involve putting together a will which leave gifts to friends and family upon your death. An equally important component of... more

People often think about a divorce as dividing up the assets in a marriage. However, divorce is also about the allocation of marital debts, including mortgage loans, home equity loans, pension loans, credit card debts, and the like. This... more

Mechanics liens can be a powerful tool for those performing services on a person's home or a commercial building – what do you need to know about them? This Podcast with Lance Ziebell of Lavelle Law will explore mechanics... more
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