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Laura Goodrich


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Laura Goodrich Innovator l Filmmaker l Author l Speaker TV l Radio l Program Host Internationally Recognized Expert in Workplace Dynamics and Change, Laura Goodrich hosts the radio show FutureWork, a part of Linked2Leadership Radio Network. The Vision of FutureWork is to discover and influence the future of the workforce by conducting insightful interviews and reflections so listeners can find workplace solutions for themselves, their teams and their organizations. The show is a collaboration of the host, Laura Goodrich, the guests and you, the audience to create meaningful solutions to workforce challenges and opportunities. FutureWork will feature reoccurring guests that are engaging and insightful, with subject matter expertise on innovation, future trends, change, and forward thinking workplace solutions. FutureWork Guests include Dr. Anne Perschel President of Germane Consulting talks with us about savvy leaders crafting the future. Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson, Co-Creators of ROWE talk with us about the Results Only Work Environment. Vikas Nurala, Co-Founder of Keyhubs talks with us about talent and influence that transcends the hierarchy in the workplace Mark Levy, Author of Accidental Genius talks with us about creativity for you, your team and your organization. Michael Trebony, Director of Innovation Studies at Best Buy talks about all things Innovation. Sharon Sayler – Author of What Your Body Says talks with us about the power of nonverbal communication.