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Laughter101: Finding The Happiness Hidden in Learning Laugh for No Reason.


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Intentions can be the Foundation of our lives...the design upon which we function and act from day to day, striving for the outcome envisioned. Intentions, powerful, Prevailing intentions can change the course of events...and a Global Intention held by individuals, can Rock The World to Positive Results! Laughter, as a tool, can work like powerful and effective Rocket Boosters. Understanding this concept and wrapping our heads around it, has the power to transform our lives from Walking Sleep to Soaring Mindfulness and Roaring Passionate Aliveness!

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Relax and Enjoy Life More...discover abundance!

  • by LaughterAndJoy
Here is a great video that I would like you to view prior to my show this morning. It's about four and a half minutes, so not a big commitment. I hope you will! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-j5Z4E2wkh4I look forward to hearing from... more

Laughter101 Living Life Mindfully in the Moment and Embracing Love and Laughter! SPECIAL GUEST: BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR AND ACTIVIST: CINDY PAPALE Come on in! Learn to laugh when nothing is funny and find... more

Ecademy...what's special about it...why I miss it.

  • by LaughterAndJoy
Most of you reading this will likely have never heard of the social/business platform that I'm going to tell you about. And THAT is the reason why I'm going to tell you about it. (I'm also including some pictures and ecademy profile links... more

Gratitude Thursday

  • by LaughterAndJoy
At this particular moment, I'm grateful for Jason Mraz and Pandora!His music somehow carries me..simple, reaching out, personal. I love what he has to say...and I now get to listen to this Amazing song by Israel "Iz"... more

Are you Ready to Be More Joyful? Ready to bring to life your childlike jubilant playful self again? To be actively and mindfully engaged and setting intentions to draw your best qualities forward? How would you like to Wake up excited... more

How often do we just find ourselves arrived at a goal and missing something? How often do we find our accomplishments hollow? If we set an intention that resonates within us...that sets off a glow toward which we are guided...we have... more

Setting Intentons...How can it help?

  • by LaughterAndJoy
To Set Intentions...what does it mean or what CAN it mean for us? First of all, what is an intention, exactly and how does one Set an Intention, right? Aren't those legitimate questions? Absolutely! Without clarity as to why we're... more

You have places to go and people to meet. You have dreams to come true, don't you! With set intentions, you can have the life of your dreams! With Powerful Intentions set in place, life can become an exciting Dream Life! IN this segment,... more

Before we can act...Before we can set out to accomplish a list of goals, we must ascertain what our overall INTENTIONS are. Intentions are more than dreams, desire, hopes and wishes. Intentions are the all-natural additive to the fuel that... more
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