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New show with Dante Sangreal, and his work with The Voynich Manuscript! Is there a connection to ancient aliens? More poetry one piece called "Shape Shifting Aliens" by Kara Square, and another poem called "The Melody Of... more

The many surprising artistic directions taken by Pedro Silva who's known for his Painting, Drawing, Sculpting, Poetry, Digital collages, Photography, and Music! Also more poetry this time by Facebook friend Lane Stonecypher!

Interview with artist Dante Sangreal from DeviantArt. We discuss the world's most mysterious book the Voynich manuscript. Written in an unbreakable code, or maybe a blatant forgery the true meaning of the manuscript is unknown. As an... more

Artist interview with a personal artist friend of mine from DeviantArt. He goes by the name Herbfellow on that website, and I don't know his real name, but he is a fantastic artist, and intersting person.. Also more poetry and music.

This is the place to be for the buzz on whats going on in the world of creative arts! This time I interview Jon Tsoi. He's an artist who's really different. In one technique he wears a blindfold pours out paint on a pile of canvas, newspapers,... more

My longtime friend Linda Awbrey Middlebrough reads a poem called "strange footprints" from my book "spells to my soul" Heather from DeviantArt reads a poem she wrote called "threaded innocence" Also more poetry from one of my... more

New show title "Emergence" I think it's a great title for a talk show about art, and poetry. New logo also. I waiting to see it myself. I hope you join me on this next broadcast!

More testing trying to get things right

Try and take some callers on this test show, and get more music ready.