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Natural Solutions for Allergies and Asthma Relief

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Shaklee has the Natural Solution for Allergies and Asthma Relief. Allergies: The Nutritional Approach - Do you or anyone you know suffer from allergies? We want to help! Consider working with your allergies naturally! There are three approaches we recommend: 1) Re-building your immune system 2) Reducing inflammation 3) Creating a non-toxic environment. We are the leading nutritional company, with a 50 year history, based in science, research and creating products in "Harmony with Nature". Experience the difference, and you will feel the difference or your money back. Certain nutrients benefit the immune system. When the body is in crisis, it is important to "feed" the immune system at the cellular level. We can't do that any more with diet alone, supplementation is key. Our nutrients have been tested for absorption, and are bio-available. What that means is that they are absorbed into the blood stream. Secondly, those with allergies often experience inflammation. The "itis" of sinusitis, bronchitis and so on means inflammation of the sinus's or bronchia. The medical and drug approach to reducing inflammation is known for it's many side affects. We have found that certain nutrients reduce inflammation naturally. GLA is an essential fatty acid found in plant seed oils, such as evening primrose oil or borage seed. Shaklee's GLA comes from borage seed oil which is 3 times more concentrated than that from evening primrose oil. Purify your indoor air with the latest and most innovative technology. There is a difference between air filtration and air purifcation - it's the teeniest of microns that cause havoc in the body. Our technology reduces three major forms of air pollution: odors, microbes and particulate matter. Remember that your body is 70% water. Consider water as another vital nutrient. By purifying your water, you contribute greatly to your health and well being. Start Living Healthier http://www.StartLivingHealthier.com