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J Doc

Late Night Drive


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Going over life, love, and the happiness we all hope too find within.

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Lets go over whats been going on with you. What troubles you may have. The day to day difficulties of the week and weekend. Tell me how you're feeling!

HELLO PEOPLESSSS!!! Let us talk about the work week so far! What is going on that you just can't stand? Or can't wait for? Lets talk about it all!!

On this my welcome back show we will be discussing a number of topics. Life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Lets get deep and talk about the emotions and struggles of everyday life.

Are you trying to move on from an ex? Or maybe just move on from your old actions? Trying to focus on what you want but keep finding the same stuff? tonight we gonna talk about it

A lot of people go through this sad tragic situation in this world.........and the question they always ask themselves is "when is the right time to move on and start over?" When is too soon? Could I ever be too late? How do i go about... more

After a long and difficult relationship is it ok too be friends with your ex?? Most people think it would be akward or just a plain bad idea. Some try and make amends too have some sort of relationship with that person. Tonight i wanna... more

Do you have a secret crush on your friend? Do you seem too always get them coming to you when there down talking about there gf/bf issues?? Being the rock that holds it all together when there about to break down? How do you get... more

Tonight lets go over what you appreciate in your life. The things that you didn't appreciate and after some situation you have a new appreciation of that thing or that person. Maybe there's something you've lost that you wish you had... more

Are you having problems finding the right girl/guy? Are you done with the games and the lying and just want someone real? A lot of us do. Tonight lets talk about whats going through your head. Let out all the anger and frustration and clear... more

do u feel like ur always giving more than ur partner? do u feel a little resentment twards them for taking so much and giving you so little? maybe that's why yall didn't work or maybe that's why yall have been fighting lately. either way. we're... more