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The ultimate fangorios of all things movies/books/sci-fi/gaming for an indulgent, shamelessly geek-friendly, podcast. It is a gift from us to everyone, for all the years of fandom. Aside from comic relief, the total geeking fandom has no boundaries. This show is not only focused on all things entertainment & Hollywood, but it will cover and go into as many different categories as possible to bring up the wide-interests of the fans, other listeners, etc. It is a discussion based show mostly, and not a guest inviting show. The celebrities/actors discussed are not going to actually be on the show. (most of the time) It will always stay true to its sci-fi/horror roots, but we believe in being well-rounded. Our listeners & participants sleep in coffins during day, & only come out at night, what can I say? This chat podcast, is by the fans for the fans of all things movies, music, sci-fi, horror, & rants galore, inspired by people shoved in back rooms of conventions. You don't have to be famous, to have a voice. Nor do you have to be famous to be on the show or chat with us. We are not sell-outs, or desperately seeking fame and only want industry related guests on the show; this applies to topics as well. Fans do deserve a voice, but like casual living-room chats, more is discussed rather than just focus on the industry. This show gives that voice to others, and to the fans. (We are done for the run, and have presented quite a bit of material. May be back in the future. If not, enjoy the podcasts!) --No drama style podcasts --equal opportunity podcasting

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So, nobody knows who you are. Or perhaps even cares. WDUD? What DO you do? Me oh my, but this is a serious question, because in today's media saturated/commercial world, being famous, getting yourself out there, being a... more

So here we are on perhaps an episode that we lost track of counting. I believe it is 126, but we try our best to label/go through quite a bit to make sure that it fits into these lovely tiny pockets, that makes things a bit more manageable. Hard... more

This is a very special podcast, much due to the ongoing & continuous drama within certain circles of the entertainment industry, which is mostly behind the scenes, while people front professionalism. The problem is, once drama smacks... more

and we are continuing on a part 2 with the lovely show topics, with a lot to learn for everyone, including bits/pieces of a TED piece that I found just absolutely inspiring.

Tonight we talk about a very real topic that affects all of us. Being real in a fake world. --What are the benefits of being real/fake? --Possible downfalls? --do you have 'game'? Is that important or not? We discuss.

We go into detail on a show that is long overdue, because it remains to be one of the longest running franchises, ever: Friday the 13th.

Tonight we discuss some very special folks, in their movies, roles, music, and pop-culture. They are,... the 'Gays of our Lives," and this is our show for them.

Our experiences with stories, real life situations, encounters with satanism, the occult Experiences with the paranormal, ouija, tarot, etc,... including some movies/books/literature that seemed to touch on the subjects. Our stories.

Tonight we give you some very special valentine's day 'eve' love, which shall be explained later, and we discuss the recent drama in the horror tid bit of the industry, and our honest opinions on the matters.

This is the fifth and final part of our women in horror celebration special. Join us as we celebrate the talent out today.
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