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Tuesday nights: Alternative news, Independent politics, special reports on environmental issues, national and international activism. Interviews with authors, activists and journalists........... Wednesday Nights: UNION ISSUES, AFSCME AND AFL-CIO public workers unions, politics, protests, strikes and economic reports. Interviews with union leaders............. Thursday Nights: Trans-Dimensional Radio Esoteric knowledge, readings and discussions in philosophy, mysticism, shamanism, metaphysics, ascension consciousness.

On-Demand Episodes

Tonight I will read some of my recent poetry, essays and prose form the lasteelshow.org. website. Esoteric knowledge, metaphysics, mystcism, philosophy, political and social criticisms

Union Issues, reports from AFL-CIO, politics, strikes, labor relations and negotiations, miniumum wage, immigration, worker's rights.

Special reports on international and national political events, environmental issues, GMOs, protests etc.

Alternative news, environmental issues, international protests, national protests, politics,

Tonight we focus on union issues, retail strikes on Black Friday, minimum wage, CEO pay, police unions responses to Ferguson and other riots and the Wilson resignation. Special guests interviews with AFL-CIO and AFSCME spokesmen.

Reports on national and international politics and protests also reports on health and environmental issues, weather geoengineering, interviews with authors, journalists and activists.

Tonight we discuss union issues, enviromental and health issues, also world protests, labor rights and ongoing labor disputes and strikes.

L.A. Steel Show / Alternative News Night, world protests, environmental and health issues, politics, news you can use.

Union Issues, politics, environmental issues, immigration, minimum wage, a Republican Congress.
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