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Off the Beaten Path in Technology


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I cover a wide range of topics in technology, computers, the web, and media, with an emphasis on free and open source solutions. But that's not all. I consider technology to cover a much wider field than hardware and software, and include the culture, politics and ethics of technology.

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I'm Back

  • by larryfeltonj
I took a six month hiatus to take care of some pressing matters. I'll be resuming the show on Monday February 7th at 6:30 PM. I look forward to producing a bigger, better, and more eclectic show. Please tune in!

The real topic of this show is a more detailed explanation of the nature of Off the Beaten Path in Technology, but so many interesting stories have hit the technology press this week, that I can't help but do some off-the-cuff... more

Interview with Dr. Knuth

  • by larryfeltonj
I'm sorry if the manner in which I posted the Dr. Knuth interview created any confusion for live listeners. It was a prerecorded interview, and I truncated the show from my usual hour. I didn't realize that blog talk radio would identify my... more

This show features an interview with Barbara Joye, who co-founded the community radio station WRFG in Atlanta. The station began broadcasting in 1973, and has been a progressive voice in the community for 37 years.

I'll be talking a little about the Facebook privacy issue, talk briefly about the BP oil spill, and play some great podsafe music. This sort of free form show will be infrequent for me in the future, as I've begun lining up guests to interview. So... more

I'm going introduce you to the fantastic world of Free Music, podsafe music, and music licensed under the Creative Commons. Whether you enjoy Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical, Blues, Folk, Country, or any other genre, there are wonderful... more

In this show I'm going to discuss the SCO versus the World series of lawsuits. SCO is the Wile E. Coyote of the technology world. They attempted to make money by suing companies involved with Linux, and only succeeded it burning... more

Podsafe and free, or why there is so much music on my technology show

  • by larryfeltonj
I've spent quite a large amount of time crafting my general approach to this show, and unlike my few test shows (where my main concern was successfully connecting and muddling through) I have no intention of producing a series of... more

This show will just be a quick recap of events in technology with particular emphasis on free software and the open source community.
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