I've spent quite a large amount of time crafting my general approach to this show, and unlike my few test shows (where my main concern was successfully connecting and muddling through) I have no intention of producing a series of news stories gleaned from slashdot, arstechnica, etc.  Those are great resources for putting together an interesting technology show,  but if my listeners want to read the stories on slashdot they can merely go to slashdot.  I'm not going to stop commenting on interesting stories from slashdot and other sources, but news aggregation will be a small part of my show.

One of the most interesting developments on the web and in social media is "podsafe" music.  The actual licensing of podsafe music covers a wide range, from Free Music (the equivalent of Free Software in the GNU sense of the word), music licensed under Creative Commons, to public domain works.

The relevant thing to me is that I can freely use this music on my show, and I intend to do so.

I'll be talking about podsafe and free music on future shows.

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