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LargeInCharge Radio is a division of founded in 2004 by Raqui. Helping Plus Sized Men and Women and all people of all sizes. Taking important Life issues and discussing them with the Public. Join us and voice your opinions. Live Every Friday Night 9-11pm eastern, 8-10 central, 5-7 mountain, 6-8 pacific. Call-in number: (718) 508-9491

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Down in the Florida heat a Hip Hop Artist is making his rounds on the scene featuring some Plus Positive rhymes with head bopping beats. BLACKWELL'S grind has him opening for some impressive names but LargeInCharge Radio has got some questions. Join us tonight while our Host Raqui and Co-host Ken learn more about BLACKWELL the man and the artist. We will be asking some serious questions. Do BBW Positive Artists get the same respect as other artists in the industry, is he ever discriminated against because of his Size Positive Lyrics, do others take you seriously or are you treated as a fad? these questions and more. BLACKWELL BIO: Born and raised in Ohio, Hip Hop and R&B artist Blackwell has been writing and performing since the age of 15, since developing his skills of playing guitar, drums, piano, and sax. He's been largely influenced by such artists as Jay-Z, Eric B. and Rakim, LL Cool J, and Scarface. He played gigs in the Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York area for the last ten years. Currently performed The House of Blues in Cleveland, and various venues in Columbus from Alrosa Villa, Burnzie's Tavern, Skully's Music Diner, and Nationwide Arena. Blackwell uses a mix of old and new school style in his lyrics which tackle real to life issues. He describes his style of music as, ?Music to wake up your eardrum!? He's opened for such national acts as Kayne West, LL Cool J, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Paul Wall, Bizzy Bone, Layzie Bone, Drake, Ray Jr., and Twista. Blackwell has formed his own production company and management, ?Blakk Nation Music?, that will feature new and upcoming acts of all genre of music, and continues to develop new artists and present new material. Featured Tracks: BBW (Dubstep Style) - Blackwell ft D Jones-Plus Size Heartbreak - RALPH TRESVANT FT BLACKWELL & RONNIE DEVOE-YOU NEED A MAN
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The Title of Single Man or Woman is often treated like it is a curse. Your value is determined on if you have a mate or not. Your value among others goes up or down depending on if your in a relationship. Weight is also another avenue in... more

The good life! We all want it, we all try to get it. But what is it really? The good life according to others or the good life according to what you need in your life? Resolutions are so popular during this time of year. How many people do you... more

This one hour special will deal with the Holiday blues and the depression that can affect us for diffrent reasons. I just had a break up and I am dont feel like celebrating. I don't have any family or friends to celebrate with. Everyone came... more

Dating comes with many difficulties, we all go through it and it can be really annoying and hurtful. Usually people speak about it from a woman's perspective, rarely do men really talk about there side. When it comes to BHM... more

You are a wonderful woman and you deserve the best I said while she cried. THAT MEANS NOTHING she screamed, YOUR BEAUTIFUL, AND IM UGLY. No matter what I will always be fat, ugly and nothing, a nobody. I could lose all the... more

Relationships, separation, divorce, break-up, these are realities of the world. Grown ups are not always good for each other. Sometimes (more often than not nowadays) children are from a broken home, in which parents do not live under... more

There are many times in our lives in which we just feel tired and defeated. Lets be real, things happen, and somehow we have to deal with it and move forward. What happens when we get stuck in a repetitive cycle of feeling like life is going... more

Raqui and LargeInCharge Cover Model of the Month Bretina Lynn Craft are going to talk about a really important topic.Many women who grew up as a larger child know the feeling of being abused (or being the abuser) of the other fat girl in the... more

Love, we want it, we think about it, we love to be in love. Everyone wants that one person who will understand them and love them like no other. With every relationship comes it ups and downs and breaking up is a common thing. It is... more

Most people do not want to say no to others. Especially if they are people we care about and love. Lots of us want to help others, we want to make a difference, we care and dont want others to suffer. If those people are our loved ones... more
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