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LargeInCharge Radio is a division of founded in 2004 by Raqui. Helping Plus Sized Men and Women and all people of all sizes. Taking important Life issues and discussing them with the Public. Join us and voice your opinions. Live Every Friday Night 9-11pm eastern, 8-10 central, 5-7 mountain, 6-8 pacific. Call-in number: (718) 508-9491

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Its Summer Time, this is the season where invitations to BBQ, Weddings, Picnics, Family Reunions and other events, are around every corner. Many times our friends or significant others are asking for you at attend an event with their... more

Requested Replay of a great LargeInCharge Oringal - Getting over a Break-Up - When does the hurt stop? Love, we want it, we think about it, we love to be in love. Everyone wants that one person who will understand them and love them... more

What is it about that person that you just can't stand? All they do is argue, they don't take a shower every day, they don't bother to be considerate of your needs, do they even care about your feelings, I'm tired of being the grown up... more

The outrageous comments, the ridicule, people who follow you, stop their cars, yell, scream, curse you, make noises at you, take pictures of you, throw things at you and even physically assault you, Because of the weight you carry.... more

Tonight we are Replaying a asked for show. Dating comes with many difficulties, we all go through it and it can be really annoying and hurtful. Usually people speak about it from a woman's perspective, rarely do men really talk about there... more

Host: Raqui with special guest LargeInCharge Writer, Size Activist and all around amazing woman Freakie - Susie Howard We see it on TV all the time, its in movies, we hear reporters talk about it, make fun about it. Its used as an... more

Nice Guys always finish last, we hear this over and over again. Yet the Gangster gets the love... Why do woman seem to always respect these men and choose them. They get a nice guy and walk all over him, they get a bad boy and do... more

Even more so, than the complaint of communication, and the lack or difficulty of it in relationships. Is the complaint of lack of respect... for each others feelings, for each others thoughts, for each others uniqueness, for each other period. Yes... more

THE REPLAY - Bringing back one of our most popular listened to shows! Societies blow to Large People is ever present and difficult to deal with. The Stigma of fat is still well believed and accepted in our world. BUT... when it... more

Attraction, it is biological, it is also a thought out process. There are so many things that attract us on different levels. Does what attraction us also match us and the lifestyle we want to live? We all have preferences on the physical but... more
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