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My name is Wendy Clardy (Lardy Miss Clardy). My radio forum is about Intervention and Prevention: To bring awareness; To Educate and Empower. Stand up, speak up and speak out! I am all about bringing information; good news and bad news, if necessary. Finding ways to bring people together to say or do something positive. Talking on things to inform, educate and motivate; to empower to encourage others to make a stand in their lives. Help me to extirpate victimization and fraud in your lives and in others. All lives matter. Contact me at: professionalrookies2012@gmail.com. If you have a topic request I will bring it to this forum with you as a guest on my show. Thank you for your interest in me. May your years to come be full of success and prosperity!

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In this discussion. Older Mothers and Young mothers come together mentoring and to talk about life with children, grown children and grandchildren. When is the time to let go of Children, and live for yourselves, but still love your children? Mothers knows best...or do we? Motherhood is a journey... So, remember Neil Diamond, in '50 ways to Leave Your Lover' Listen to that song and takes some pointers when loving and leaving Children. I say...."Get on the bus, Gus!" Join me and my daughter Mahonale on Moms Squad and Mothers Corner.'
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In this episode, we will be discussing about finding and discovering how our vulnerabilities can help us or harm us, and how weaknesses can be used as positive powers; learning to trust oneself and develop the dormant powers... more

Hi everyone! This brief episode is to prepare you to get ready to discuss the issues of having vulnerabilities and finding out what can happen if you just step out and trust yourself even if you are afraid. Everybody have... more

Warren Wilson, an author, a personal coach and speaker, wants to help YOU to turn your challenges, passions into successful reflections of who you really are. Do you have a passion, to speak, write, sing...etc.? Have you ever had a... more

This topic is about people that have married; got divorced and don't want to marry again. It seems that fewer and fewer people in general are getting married these days, and even fewer men. The question is WHY? Why people is turned... more

This episode is Part 2...Meet and Greet with me, and my guest, Author Warren Wilson to talk about the real value of writing a book. More authors are realizing that there are greater rewards than profiting from book sales or from... more

A concept to meet and greet out on our back porch with a tall glass of Lemonade, Tea or Coffee with listeners, that have questions, and ideas they want to share or other conversations, as a part of a meet and greet session with,... more

Hey there! Listen up, Listeners...it's your day! Your day, to meet and greet with, Warren Wilson, A Successful Inventor and me, Lardy Miss Clardy. Who has an invention and support, or just want to ask questions about, Warren's Country,... more

Author, Warren Wilson's mission is to help anyone, and he means anyone who has an idea, invention or even a dream bring it to life. More importantly, everything Warren does, including his book, 'How to Think Like an Inventor,' he... more

This discussion is about women who have adopted the ways of men, and have stopped relying on the man. Men have misused power they have had in the home, and with the women, because the men thought bringing home money was... more
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