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My name is Lardy Miss Clardy, I am all about bringing information; good news and bad news, if necessary. Finding ways to bring people together to say or do something positive. Talking on things to, inform, educate and motivate; to inspire, to empower and encourage to make a stand in their lives. And, of course, you get to know me. My subject matter is about victimization and fraud. My radio show is about Standing up,speaking up and speaking out against abuse; deceits and lies in current events, real life events. However my scope in bringing information to you is not limited. I communicate on many subjects that people are afraid to talk about and help get to the root of the victimization and fraudulent acts that plague so many families and children's lives today. You can contact me at: professionalrookies2012@gmail.com. If you have a topic request I will bring it to this forum with you as a guest on my show. Thank you for your interest in me. May your 2015 be full of success and prosperity!

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Experts say therapy is good for everyone, and they give reasons why. Experts say that some don't get counseling, because they don't want that stigma of being "cray, cray." So, am on a journey to find the good, the bad and indifferent; about how people feel about therapy whether traditional or untraditional. I will also find a few testimonials on how NAMI (National Alliance On Mental Illness) changed their lives. Stay tuned in! 347-884-8684 call in and get resources that will help you to be a better you.
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