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My name is Wendy Clardy (Lardy Miss Clardy). My radio forum is about Intervention and Prevention: To bring awareness; To Educate and Empower. Stand up, speak up and speak out! I am all about bringing information; good news and bad news, if necessary. Finding ways to bring people together to say or do something positive. Talking on things to inform, educate and motivate; to empower to encourage others to make a stand in their lives. Help me to extirpate victimization and fraud in your lives and in others. All lives matter. Contact me at: professionalrookies2012@gmail.com. If you have a topic request I will bring it to this forum with you as a guest on my show. Thank you for your interest in me. May your years to come be full of success and prosperity!

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President Trumps is the headlines of every broadcast media outlet; in mainstream, behind the closed doors of homes, and online. It's now gone viral! Trump is the most talked about President in HISTORY! How is Americas dealing with the new President's behavior and communication skills. Will America, get used it and appreciate, later this President's upfront brawny style of communication along with his strong armed disposition to "Make America Great Again," or will America find a way to impeach Trump. What are Trumps bad points as a President; and What are Trumps good points to being a potentially good President for America? Is there a good side Do you think this President is too overbearing with his ideas and plans? The Court is still out and the question is still in deliberation, and waiting for a verdict. Is President Trump, "doing to much.com?" And, does America want Truth or Lies? Some Christians, are now calling President Donald Trump a Nephilim or a Despot. What is that, and can that be true? Call in at the call in # 347-884-8684 and join me, Lardy Miss Clardy, Mahonale Allday, Warren Wilson, Brother Blondie, and Mis D. in a dynamic discussion on Trump Controversy Continued: Is There A Good Side???
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