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My name is Lardy Miss Clardy, I am all about bringing information; good news and bad news, if necessary. Finding ways to bring people together to say or do something positive. Talking on things to, inform, educate and motivate; to inspire, to empower and encourage to make a stand in their lives. And, of course, you get to know me. My subject matter is about victimization and fraud. My radio show is about Standing up,speaking up and speaking out against abuse; deceits and lies in current events, real life events. However my scope in bringing information to you is not limited. I communicate on many subjects that people are afraid to talk about and help get to the root of the victimization and fraudulent acts that plague so many families and children's lives today. You can contact me at: professionalrookies2012@gmail.com. If you have a topic request I will bring it to this forum with you as a guest on my show. Thank you for your interest in me. May your 2015 be full of success and prosperity!

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Who comes first in your life? God or family....people, places and things? Who is the CREATOR of life you or God? Who do you serve, God or Man? When family leaves you or forsakes you who do you turn to the Devil? When your brothers or sisters, daughters, sons and fathers and mothers, and so on and on lead you astray, do wrongs to you, or separate you from the family or their individual lives...who can you turn to? What is the purpose of life, and why Satan has a war on families, and what legacy are you trying to leave, God's Legacy or Yours? What is your VIEW? Come join me and my Co-host Akeelah Ali and my Company Ms. D from Detroit on a cruise to search out...WHO COME FIRST IN YOUR LIFE. WHO CREATED YOU?
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Can your past affect your future? What types of Secrets can be told from your past? Have been to prison? Do you have any STD's or diseases? Clarify how you got this... Are you Gay or on the Downlow? Are you transgender? Are you A... more

Do your adult children cuss at you and call you names and hurt you for being a good and decent parent? Children that were raised in a structured Home and environment, became adults to live chaotic lifestyles..did they do it to be... more

Do you belive in Wellness, is therapy good for your health? Do you have a testimony on how therapy has helped you. Some people are still in denial that they need someone to talk to, fears and people will think I'm crazy... more

This segment is about why our children turning against adults and defying laws that are suppose to bring order? Question... Why is our rebellious children mad at us adults. What is the reason they feel no one cares about them? Why are... more

How would you handle coming clean with your secrets? ...Don't tell them at all? Unfold the secret over a text message? What do you feel is worth telling and what is better to keep as a secret? Would you want to know your mates... more

Why did Bobbie Kristina die? What was Bobbie Kristina's story? Was it the drugs or the lost of her mother? How do we deal with the passing of a loved one and how to console someone after they have lost someone close to them?... more


Do you have a problem with family court? Do you have a problem with the judges being partial in judgement when it comes to a child support case? Do you know that there are men and women who are killing their children because they... more

People say we crazy cos we go get therapy. Wouldn't it make sense to go when you find yourself at a point of no return? Look at the news and all the current events happening around us. Go onto Facebook and read the various of... more
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