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Lance Scurvin is a Social Media Activist who takes pride in tackling the current issues of the day head on that the mainstream media are deathly afraid to touch.

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Black women appear to spend more money on their hair pound for pound, ounce for ounce than any other race of women. While all women of the world get caught up in their appearance on so many different levels, it just doesn't seem to be more intense than the energy that our sisters spend on theirs. Is this because they know that they are some of the most beautiful women in the world? Or does this reflect and reveal a massive amount of insecurity that lies just below the surface of a facade of false confidence? Whichever end of the spectrum that you think it might be, you will find a great resistance because of the opinions from the opposite side. So what is it? Insecurity or confidence? Throw in the ever growing Natural Hair Movement in the fray, and you can see that we need to indulge in a continuous discussion because our thoughts and feelings toward our hair indicate that we areliterally a hot mess! This show is actually a continuation of our previously titled episode: The Natural Hair Movement: Women Of Color & The Great Divide! So make sure to attend this discussion and let us go deeper than we ever have before. This will be an intelligent dialogue where we will agree to disagree and confrontational/disrespectful exchanges will not be tolerated.
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