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Dealing With The Emptiness & Pain Of Losing A Loved One

  • Broadcast in Lifestyle
Lance Scurv

Lance Scurv


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This is truly a hectic, fast paced world that we live in and to take the time to smell the roses just doesn't seem to be in vogue anymore. We work so hard and sacrifice so much that the only time that we DO take the time to reminisce on the good times that we've had with our loved ones is long after they're gone.

That statement is not a condemnation of anyone as though it is their fault that they are going through the great pain of losing someone precious in their lives but in reality an admission on my part of what I've gone through personally in my losses in my earthly walk.

I wasn't us to really get down and talk about this thing called loss and that seemingly never ending pain that can grip your heart in a manner that you just can't believe that anyone else has gone through it but you.

While it is easy for someone to send to you a mere card stating that they are "sorry for your loss" and that "prayer changes things", it just seems as though no one understands when they go into that automatic mode of stating what is politically correct to someone who is truly hurting because they do not have their special one with them at this time.

The contact from so many people when we are hurting just doesn't seem to register as we wish that either we could die too so we can get away from it or just fall off of the earth for a little while just to try to find some logic in the whole upheaval of one's life.

I can truthfully say that I've been there done that. And you know what? That pain never really goes away but it is replaced by an understanding so divine that you KNOW that things will one day work out for the best.