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Who said we don't speak what's on our mind on The LanceScurv Show?

While we try our darnedest not to insult anyone at all, there are just those rare times that we KNOW that we are going to step on a person's toes! But as mannerable as The LanceScurv crew is, we do understand how to utilize proper etiquette to apologize if a toe happens to actually be smashed!

That being said, while this is a regular installment of our LanceScurv Off The Chain Late Night After Party, we wanted to steer the usually free flowing subject matter to touch on an issue that has of late began to surface in many of our recent shows - and what is THAT you might ask?

It's the subject of Church Negroes!

Now mind you, the word "Negroes" in this particular show topic title is a watered down milder version of the harsher N-word that just may be utilized by our choice callers on this night when things get spirited, but it's really because of those self proclaimed men and women of God who use the entire covering of religion to get away with the dirt that they look down on in others.

It's as simple as that!


Now a word to those who may not completely understand the lingo as it is spoken within the Black community. The word Negroes is still used in some backward circles to describe those of us who are Black. It is usually used by those who are just simply outdated and not aware that the word is obsolete as much as a VHS player! Now you know how that goes, you DO still have some 80 year old's who still keep their VHS players in use even though the rest of the world has moved on and gone with the new digital technology.

A simple explanation?

Negro = VHS Videotape / Black = Digital Technology