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Sexual Fetishes: Are We Afraid To Share What Makes Us Tick?

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Lance Scurv

Lance Scurv


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How many of us know that we have an advanced turn on that the world may night understand completely that we also might be too ashamed to share with our partner/mate or spouse?

Sexuality is more mental than many of us care to admit to and the first stirrings of arousal almost always start in the mind!

What specific things stoke YOUR fires of passion?

Breaking that down for the purpose of this article - a sexual fetish is something that has its roots in something that is not necessarily sexual but still brings on the arousals of sexual excitment to the one who gets turned on by it.

Whether you admit it or not, there IS something about your psycho-sexual dynamic that is unique all unto you because we are made to be different as are all human beings in everything that we do, sexuality falls under the same forces as all other categories.

While it all comes down to the same thing eventually, we all take a different road to the same place. I have found that the more intellectual an individual, the more intense and user specific their sexuality will be when it comes to jump starting their libido because of the various mental options that their mind affords them.

Maybe you may not have understood that previous statement but it comes down to this ------- when you have a higher mind and capacity for a deeper understanding of the world because of your education that you have been programmed with as well as the basic intelligence that you have been born with then you have a higher propensity to possess the capacity for the more advanced sexual turn ons and thoughts that others who may be of a lower education and intellect level may not possess because of their limited mentality.

Tonight we will reveal a few of our own turn ons as well as challenging YOU to share what you may have been afraid to explore all along!