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Lance Scurvin is a Social Media Activist who takes pride in tackling the current issues of the day head on that the mainstream media are deathly afraid to touch.

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Something over the last few generations has happened, I can remember a time when the parents of my community growing up had nothing but high standards for their children to live up to and wouldn't accept anything less than the best. These days, it appears that the priorities of many parents have shifted to maintaining a high materialistic standard in the cost and branded name of their possessions while the development of the children has long gone by the wayside unchallenged. Why is it that once upon a time the emphasis was not to drown our kids in the highly advertised name brand foolishness that gives the parents - if you can really call them that - of today more of a rush of pride than the need to see their children develop into the upright morally complete citizens who are the thinkers, movers and shakers of the complex world of tomorrow? As goes the example of the home, so goes the kids. If your father has nothing more on his mind than downing that next bottle of liquor with "his boys" then what will happen to the living breathing divine gifts of gold and silver in the form of his children whose worth and potential is immeasurable? If your mother is more focused on the what Nene Leakes said on the Housewives Of Atlanta and pays more attention to buffoonery than the delicate needs of her daughters, then why should that same parent be shocked when that little girl grows up with the same rachet traits that were displayed on the poisoned television program that her mama paid more attention to? Morals, standards, dreams, aspirations and goals don't cost you a damn dime so there is NO EXCUSE not to aim high and shoot for the top because our God made us to be nothing but the best! Let us break the cycle and bring back the high dreams that our forefathers had for us!
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