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Are Empaths / Sensitives being affected by the Gulf Oil Spill?

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
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Are Empaths / Sensitives being affected by the Gulf Oil Spill? We will be Asking the questions what are empaths, are they being affected and how, can animals actions tell us anything, are there patterns to watch for, and info news sources are not talking about!!! Join us live as we talk and entertain ideas related to these topics, Plus one hot minute in Paranormal news! Also we will talk about the Psychic Sports Project Study, Can Psychics make calls on Sporting events correctly and how? Part 1: Study of empaths being affected by gulf oil spill. I have noticed a shift in emotions and feelings going on with empaths in the south Florida gulf side. First you must understand what an empath is capable of doing, picking up on and can feel. Empathy is the ability to read and understand people and be in-tune with or resonate with others, voluntarily or involuntarily of one's empath capacity also they have the ability to scan another's psyche for thoughts and feelings or for past, present, and future life occurrences. Empaths experience empathy towards family, children, friends, close associates, complete strangers, pets, plants and inanimate objects. Empathy is not held by time or space. Thus, an empath can feel the emotions of people and things at a distance. Some are empathic towards animals, to nature, and to the planetary system. When you look at the studies of how oil spills short term and long term has affects on Eco systems, animals patterns, nature/plant life, populations of inhabitants, and economic changes you have to ask the question is there a pattern of empaths picking up on this current situation or others before it. This global disaster happened on Earth day April 20th 2010 and will continue for some time to come.