- Sun, Jul 30 2006

Come to think of it, "oops" isn't the word. Make that "wow". Thanks to the scores who were listening live, and the dozens who tried to get through on our initial (test) broadcast on Sunday morning, July 30, 2006.

While I pride myself in focusing on "we" when writing these missives, I wanted to offer this message in a more personal sense.

Unfortunately, due to a confluence of technical and operational issues, I was not able to complete the caller-bridge that allowed connection with your calls....which we can all agree is the most interesting and important part of an interactive show.

Unlike radio stations that have staff, including screeners and others to handle crisis in the background, ours is a one person operation. While your favorite commercial radio station can often run a lengthy promo, advertisement or theme music when things go horribly wrong in their studio (or the host has to run to the restroom), we get to all listen live. Come to think of it, that's half the fun.  

Since many of you have asked, please know that I'm frustrated but in no way embarrased about what happened. When nothing is ventured my friends, nothing is gained.

The purpose of LAFD's BlogTalkRadio experiment is to give each of you a voice and our ear and potentially those of countless others. In that regard, we owe you thanks for helping us learn. If only you could have seen what was taking place in the background. Thank goodness I wasn't using a webcam in our office.  :) 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the BlogTalkRadio tech staff who were working real-time in earnest to resolve the confluence of problems on an otherwise bucolic Sunday. Again, wow. Alan Levy and his team are remarkable and spirited. They remind me of many of the men and women I work with at the LAFD.  

As mentioned earlier, this is 'beta-tech' compounded with a beta-operator. I believe this technology has great potential far beyond the land of "Firefighter-Propellerheads" like me.

So, I thank you and offer my apologies for any inconvenience. Like the men and women I work with, I know that I can count on your support and frank opinion as we push forward in the BlogTalkRadio and other technological arenas.

From the Bunker,

Brian Humphrey

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