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Lady Garrote

Lady Garrote


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Walking with the likes of H.P. Lovecraft & Edgar Allan Poe, the light in the Darkness and the darkness in Light combine in this mix of fantasy, reality and spirituality.

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Milner Field was a house lived in by Titus Salt Jnr, son of Saltaire Mill magnate Titus Salt. They had visits from royalty but the house was dogged by bad luck and after several disasters failed to sell in 1930. The house fell in to ruin and was... more

This is a strange story about Halifax in the UK and Halifax Nova Scotia Canada. The head of John The Baptist is said to be buried under Halifax Minster Halifax meaning Holy Face. there is also a headless ghost which haunts the clock... more

Are some tree spirits totally evil? paranormal expert Elliot O'Donnell believed that he had encountered evil trees. The evil Trees of Owlet Hall. Wicked spirits conquer all.

Crowley disciple Jack Parsons was also a genius Rocket Man. An area of the moon is named after him. Parsons evoked the God Pan before getting down to work but ultimately blew himself up.Or was it a conspiracy?

Jack the Stripper was,just like Jack the Ripper, never Caught. he murdered around six to eight prostitutes in London between 1958 and 1965. The women were stripped except for their stockings and some of their teeth were removed.... more

What Really happened at the RAF Woodbridge Base at Rendlesham Forest on 27th December 1980? Did the USAF security police really encounter an alien spacecraft as mentioned in Lt Col Halt's MOD report

Gang Stalking is a major phenomenon of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Does it really happen and are world police forces and governments really behind it? Is parapsychology behind the Gang Stalking ideal?

Mad Scientist Andrew Crosse 1784-1855, collected electricity from storms around his Manor House Fyne Court and created life in the form of hairy living mites from electricity. He was a friend of mary Shelley and the real inspiration for her world... more

Did disturbed, England educated, Edgar Allan Poe kill Cigar Girl Mary Rogers? Did Poe take out Mary in a drunken psychotic haze? Some think he he did.